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Many things have changed over time in our World; however, the sea has remained being the same sea. Since the most primitive sailing facts, passing through the discovery of new continents, to the moderns sailing trimarans able to sail round the World in just 40 days, the sea, the ocean, has remained the same ocean we see today. In fact, which have truly changed are the reasons to set sail.”


In Velox Sailing we are absolutely convinced that the Ocean is an Excellent School of Life. A Natural Environment where, to Reach Your Destiny is required, Imagination, Concentration, Decision, Tenacity, Effort, Cooperation, Sensitivity, Overcoming, and above all Adaptation to a Continues Changing Environment.
The Ocean Reward is Enormous and its Worth Only Measurable for Those Who Live the Experience.

Live with your Company, Costumers or Friends all the Experience of the Ocean, Enjoying with Us the Best Sailing Events. Feel the Ocean Reward Sailing with Your Corporate Image and Values.
We Design Your Tailored Experience.

Experience True Team Building Experiences.